Welcome to KnutIvars.net!

Welcome to KnutIvars!. I have realized that I will not be able to keep a "blog-ish" page updated, so I have changed layout and style.., into a more static page. However, I will try to add some frome time to time, and possibly more article-style content.

Who am I?


I'm a 1982 model male that lives together with my wife, and the worlds sweetest girl. I'm a man of many hobbies, and I will write some about my "passion" for photography, high-fidelity and DIY in general (amongst other). Please feel free to contact me.

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I'm passionate about photography, both the art and the equipment (and DIY). I will add some articles regarding photography..., but in the meantime, take a look at the photos on the right. :-)


Except for photography, I have many other hobbies as well... I'm very into HiFi and home cinema - especially DIY, make my own speakers, amplifiers and other components. I'm also kind of a geek and like to work with computers and play Skyrim when I need some peace and quiet... and don't bother to go outside.

My current camera...


I bought myself an Olympus OM-D E-M5, and I love it! The IBIS is just fantastic and works with all lenses. The autofocus is quick and presice, and the ISO-performance is as good as any ASPC-sensor camera. ... And it looks great! The 9fps burst-rate with 20 frames raw-buffer and weather-sealing makes this usable in any shooting condition, -both studio and on location!